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Bee Removal Florida

We provide cost effective bee removal service to both public and private organizations as well as to the general public. We specialize in removing beehives from homes, businesses, and other structural buildings. We also perform live bee removal on trees, chimneys, in wall voids, attics, roofs, and more.

If you live in the southern states; Florida, Arizona, Alabama, Tennessee, and New Mexico, keep our bee removal hot line handy.  You never now when you, a friend, or family will need bee removal.  Don’t get stung by the rest.  FirstChoice Bee Removal is fast, affordable, and friendly.  We give free bee removal quotes over the phone and provide same day service!!  Your business is important to us, as well as saving bees!   Read More



Bee control in Florida is our specialty!  We provide live bee removal, for all non africanized bees, and bee eradication for those that are.  Take a look at this video, are you experiencing bees trafficking in and out of a hole like this?  Either in your roof or wall?  If so give us a call today for your free bee removal quote!

Ever wonder if your bee company is really saving the bees?? Well heres proof we do!! Check out this conversation on Facebook that our employee and his friend had.  He is so proud to announce that we have saved yet another colony of honeybees! Even tho he admits to speeding a bit…Oops!  Click on the picture to read about it…

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Bee removals are common. We specialize in removing bees in these areas with the best bee removal technicians out there.  We are fast, courteous, and affordable!  We guarantee your comfort after you talk to with our office, and once you meet our educated bee removal specialist, you will know you chose the right company to handle your bee problem!


Many people will walk out and see a big bee hive hanging from a tree and get frightened…

Bees aren’t out to get anyone, but will still require bee removal.  They are there to protect the queen bee and their young.  If you keep your distance from them they will keep their distance from you.  The bees you see there on the bee hive whether it be in your roof, tree, wall, etc. These bees are newly hatched.  Honeybees don’t get to venture out in the world until they are old enough to do so.  from one through two days after being hatched she cleans her cell and other cells around hers.  Once honeybees reach three days old she will feed the drone beebread and the workers larvae.  On days six through eleven workers will feel young drones and the queen.  On days twelve through seventeen is the time they are prime to start making wax (honeycomb) they use their jaws to make that hexagon shape which we see when we see a honeycomb, a bunch of little white hexagon shapes together most of the time filled with sweet honey! Honeybee workers will go out and collect nectar to put in those cells which eventually turns to honey.  20140410_112047This stage doesn’t happen until the last three week of their life, only then can they venture outside the hive.   But before they can venture out of the bee hive they must first stand guard at the entrance for any predators that may become a threat.  If the guard bees feel any threat they will put off a scent to alert the others.  So as you see honeybees are amazing little creatures just doing their job, but you will get stung if you get too close! Bees as harmless as they can be can also be very dangerous, call us for your free bee removal quote today 855-269-2337!  We provide live bee removal for all non-africanized bees.  We have procedures that can contain the queen bee and her workers together and transport them safely and humanly.  Why bee removal?


However Bee Aware!!

Africanized bees look the same and do the same work as a European bee.  However much, much more aggressive!!  You must stay away from any hive and assume they are africanized and call bee removal right away.  The population of africanized bees in the U.S. and Florida alone has grown and will continue to grow.  If your ever walking your yard, hiking, or gardening, look and listen!!  Back in 1950 scientists tried to bread the European bee with African bees to create a hybrid bee, now known as the africanized bee.   At that time scientist really didn’t understand the defensive nature and how fast they would reproduce.   Sometime during these experiments the queens got loose, causing africanized bees to spread at a rapid pace throughout South and Central America, Mexico and the southern U.S.  20140306_120843Five hundred bait hive are placed all around the state in port areas to be monitored every three weeks.  This is due to reproduction habits of the africanized bees.  If you ever encounter a bee attack, run to the nearest shelter.  Car, home, etc.  also bee sure to cover your face as bees go straight for the eyes.  Anyone wanting to be brave enough to remove a hive on their own, we do not advise that!!  There are an average of 10,000-50,000 bees in a colony and only takes 1,000 to kill a grown man, less for children, woman, and pets.  Africanized bees attack in packs and attack fast.  Don’t get stung, call us today for your free bee removal quote!!

How to stop bees from building in your home…Have you ever seen these on your palm trees?

photo 2 (28)     These are seed pods that honeybees LOVE!!  They absolutely love pollinating on these yellow seed pods.  If your looking to keep bees away from your home and you have these hanging from your trees cut them down.  The best time to do it is early morning or evening.  At those times the bees will be back in their nest and you will be able to safely cut those down without getting stung.  Other things you can do is walk around your home.  If you see cracks in your walls, typically by water spigots, cable lines, air conditioner, and electric boxes, get some stucco and fill these cracks and holes as bees love to chose those spots to build a hive.  Other places they enter are your roof lines.  Look at your roof lines carefully and if you see cracks or holes use some calk that matches to close those areas up.  Doing small maintenance like this around your home can save you money on bee removal.  Questions and answers

We do more than bee removal!

We provide Removal of wasps, yellow jackets, africanized bees, and hornet removal.  Any problem you have we can solve it.  We provide the best bee removal Florida can offer!! Friendly fast and efficient!  We also provide live bee removal for those good bees that mean no harm!

How Bees Survive the Winter Cold  

Honey bees form a hollow to survive the winter cold.  They create a ball shaped cluster under the stored honey.  However they cannot continuously cluster over honey filled combs.  A part of the solid ball of bees includes those that crawl into and remain in empty cells in honey combs on surface will be several honeybees thick.  When there is no brood in the autumn the bee cluster is well formed when the temp. reaches 57 degrees Fahrenheit.  When brood is present the bee cluster forms any time the temp. falls below that required to keep the brood warm.  Within the hollow bee cluster some bees exercise their muscles to generate heat that keeps the inside of the bee cluster warm.  As the outdoor temperature drops the cluster shrinks and becomes more compact.  All insects, including honeybees, are all cold blooded and assume the temp. of the environment around them except that honey bees have the ability to raise both their own body temp individually and as a group.  Bees on the outside of the cluster become cold, so cold they can’t move.  However bees in the winter cluster are able to protrude their sting from a disturbance so that the cluster surface appears like the back of a porcupine and any animal that touches it.  Bees are very interesting creatures and you see very smart too!  But remember if you have bees in wall, bees in roof, or bees in tree they will not just go away.  They need to be removed by a professional. Call the best Florida bee removal company out there!  When you call us you will get fast and friendly service, call the Queen bee and she will get you set up the with the bee man today!!


It’s important to hire a professional bee removal service and not a pest control company.  Most pest control companies will spray and kill the bees.  Bees are so very important and we all need to save bees as much as we can, our lively hood depends on it.  without bees our existence here on earth would change dramatically.  We would not have fruits, vegetables, almonds, and even cotton!  all those little things we take for granite will be gone and our farmers will be out of business.  So you see it’s that important, without them life it’s self will never be the same.  Please spread the word with friends and family.  That way if anyone ever develops a bee problem we can remove them safely!!  Get informed!

Bee removal is a risky job but we don’t mind doing it.  We love working with bees and seeing all the interesting hives everyday.  Most populated areas for bee removal Florida is Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah, West palm Beach, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Naples, & Fort Myers.  Most common areas for bee removal Arizona are Surprise, Chandler, Phoenix, and Scottsdale.  These are all well populated areas that experience needing the most bee removal.  In Florida most common areas for bee removal are roofs, walls, trees and water boxes.  In Florida the bees aren’t picky we remove bees from just about anywhere.  However, Arizona bee removal, most places bees like are the roofs, water boxes, and trees.  For unknown reasons the bees don’t like the walls as much in Arizona as the do in Florida.  Most homes in Arizona are second story levels and bees like nice quite calm places.

Live honey bee removal is our specialty.  We know how important the bees are to us as humans to survive.   To remove the bees alive we have a technique that keeps the bees safe but at same time keeps them all together so none get away.  This technique also helps us keep the queen with the colony.  To save bees successfully during a live bee removal you must capture the queen.  Without the queen the colony will leave and join another colony.  If during a live bee removal the queen gets loose bee removal companies also risk having to return because the bees will start building another hive.  If you live in the southern states; Florida, Arizona, Alabama, Tennessee, and New Mexico, keep our bee removal hot line handy.  You never now when you, a friend, or family will need bee removal.

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